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2010 Hacker Olympics

smpCTF 2010 Summer Qualification Scores (OFFICIAL)

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July 29 2010 - smpCTF on our way to Defcon, yay!

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Sample of a real black shirt can be found in the above link. Shipping time varies, but usually to the USA is 4 to 6 business days. International is 4 to 7 business days. We can't guarantee the postal service though ;D. Only the date it shipped out on. Send inquiries to ctf _@.

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smpCTF 2010 Hacker Olympics Qualification Scores (OFFICIAL)

smpCTF 2010 Qual results are in! Congratulations to the following teams for moving on into the smpCTF finals!
1st		Nibbles (5747.5) - (France)
2nd		Plaid Parliament of Pwning (5261) - (USA)
3rd		n0psl3d (5231) - (Germany/Switzerland)
4th		StS (4840) - (England)		
5th		lulzteam (4718.5) - (England)
6th		Smoked Chicken (4365.75) - (Russia)
7th		int3pids (3960.25) - (Spain)			
8th		0x28 Thieves (3785) - (USA)	

smpCTF 2010 Flag Submission Timeline..
Submitted Flags by Team

2010 player statistics have been posted: HERE

2010 Hacker Olympics

- smpCTF -
#smp / #smpctf

- Final Statistics -
(196) Registered Teams
(649)  Registered People

smpCTF Hacker Olympics Quals Now Over

smpCTF Hacker Olympics 2010 is a contest designed by "hackers" and "security enthusiasts" for the like to battle it out against each other over a caffeine and sugar fueled weekend hacking stuff...

In the smpCTF Hacker Olympics qualifications teams and individuals are put up against other teams from around the globe in the same environment with the same objectives and a mission to accomplish. The qualifications round is designed to separate the true ninjas from the fake pirates in the shadows! The finals will definitely be kiddie free ;D

The top 5 teams from the (1st) first qualifications round of smpCTF Hacker Olympics will move on to the smpCTF Hacker Olympic finals. The winning team of the finals will receive (one) HP mini net book with BackTrack4.

Do you think you have what it takes to compete on a global scale?
Come and show the m0nkey what you are made of..
0days welcome...

smpCTF Hacker Olympic Finals

smpCTF Finals (winning teams of quals round only - spectators welcome)

In the smpCTF Hacker Olympics finals, the qualifying teams will compete against each other in a head to head wargame/CTF competition against the other qualifying teams.

During the smpCTF finals, each team will be assigned a server, chosen by us at random which they need to protect. Defending this server is crucial in order to safe-guard flags. While not only defending, each team must find an attack other teams servers to steal flags or take complete control over the machine.

Once a server has been completely taken oven by another team, and the owning team can no longer access the machine, game over for that team. During the games each team will gain point's by successfully defending and attacking and successfully stealing other teams flags. The finals will have a tad bit more restricted rules, soon to be posted.

smp CTF Hacker Olympics rules, descriptions or challenges may change at any time without notice prior to final registration - to be announced.

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  • July 01 -
    Thanks to for the shiny new radio stream ;)

    June 26 -
    smpCTF Radio Stream goes live! Tune in HERE

2010 Summer Sponsors

    Challenge prizes, Network & Infrastructure
    have been provided by Access2Networks.

    Log monitoring and correlation of events
    has been provided by HAWK Network Defense.
    Streaming server and music generously provided by

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